VFR Radio work

Concise radio:
Clearance Delivery: Clearance, NXXX, request clearance, VFR (direction) at (altitude), with numbers (or with information Y if at a ATIS airport)
Ground: Ground, NXXX, at (inser location on ramp), taxi for (direction) departure, [if no Clearance delivery, add:] with numbers (or information YY)
Tower: Tower, NXXX, ready to go, runway XX”
Departure: Departure, NXXX, off RW XX, leaving (current altitude) for (assigned altitude)

Clearance Delivery: Clearance, N999NN, request clearance, VFR westbound at 6500, with information B.
Ground: Ground, N999NN, at Signature, taxi for VFR westbound departure.
Tower: Tower, N999NN ready to go, runway 4
Departure: Departure, N999NN, off runway 4, 800 for 6500.

You can make it out of almost every Class B, Class C or Class D with those 4 radio calls and nothing else.

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